Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hello everyone,

A lot of people have had a lot of problem posting in this blog.
Liza has just made a Glorious Applique Facebook group.
Please join us and post all your applique projects there.
We'd all love to see your work!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

An Error in " A Boy and a Girl" quilt pattern, please note.

Hello Everybody,

Thank you to Nancy M for alerting us to the mistake on page 1 in the instruction sheet of the pattern " Boy and a girl, an album"
At the bottom of the page 1: it should say:
For the " Boy and Girl" block, cut 4 bias strips 18" x 7/8" for the ribbon joining the flowers and use the "9mm" Clover gadget to iron the bias stems. The finished width of the strip is 3/8" after ironing with the Clover bias maker.

My senile brain wrote 18" x 3/8" !!! this is of course totally incorrect.
My apologies to everybody, if you know someone who is doing this quilt please pass on the message.
I hope everyone gets to read this post.

Also keep an eye out in Liza's Face Book ( I don't have FB, yet, I need someone to walk me through it) for our Glorious Hexagon Along starting in January 2016. It is done in conjunction with Paper Pieces ( see their website) and Katja Marek's book " The New Hexagon". It will be fun to do. Liza and I have done a hexie quilt each using the different hexagon shapes in Katja's book and Kaffe Collective fabrics. Amazing how many interesting hexagons you can get using 3 yards of fabric like " Feathers" - it's unreal. My 3 yards was totally demolished, didn't leave much scrap at all, it all went into the quilt. Liza will tell you how to cut this 3 yards, and the process of preparation.

So long, please pass on this error message to other people, not sure how many people are reading the blog these days. Many thanks and my sincere apologies. Cheers, Kim

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A finished quilt

I'm posting these photos on behalf of Ruth Ann Joslin. The quilt is Kim's Pandemonium pattern, and its turned out magnificently.
Thanks to Ruth Ann for sharing this quilt and she'd like to state that she loves all of Kim's patterns but could do without circles on the next one.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Pandemonium, lower part of the top, finished

Yeah, got the bottom blocks of this quilt done and together.  I love the mixture of piecing and applique.  I used all Kaffe fabrics, which I love......I do needle turn applique, even all those little circles.  I trace the design right onto the fabrics then needle turn it. 
now to get the rest of the top done.  I'm already working on the next row up.....the Large block is the one that took quite awhile.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Finished at last!

Well, my Roseville Album is finished at last. I left off the border ( obviously) as I decided it was large enough as is. The background is a Reece Scanell shot cotton and the applique fabrics are all Kaffe Fassett. Beautifully quilted by Naomi Hynes.
I am really happy with the end result.

Close up of the centre blocks

Adding the binding!
The finished quilt

Monday, April 6, 2015

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

We have sold over 1000 Flower Pot patterns without any negative feedback until this week. A customer found an error and she is indeed, correct.  The printed tissue paper pattern for the top and bottom borders (with the birds) measures just under 59".  It should measure 58".  This means that you may need to slightly move the birds to fit within the correct size.

We are guessing the reason we have not heard about this before is that applique has a way of shrinking up the background. Most people sew onto a larger than needed piece of background and after stitching, measure and trim to size.

The customer who found the problem fused the pieces so the usual shrinking didnt happen.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Village - paper piecing the hexagons tutorial

Hi All,

In case you haven't done any paper piecing hexagons, the following is the way I do mine. Undoubtedly there are many ways of doing it. The one thing though is that it is rather addictive!

In the Village quilt,( Liza has it for shipping now ) there are quite a few hexagons. The Grandmother Flower hedge has hexagons which have 3/4" sides and the outer border have 1/2" sides. You will need to buy these hexagon paper pieces, check with your local quilt stores or order them from, also, they have the acrylic cutting templates with 3/8" seam allowance. This is a better seam allowance for paper piecing than the usual 1/4".
If you would like to see the fabrics I've used in these hexagons, go to the Pinterest, the address is

There is this gadget made by Marti Mitchell which allows you to see what your hexagon or your star will look like when it is assembled. Put the template on the chosen motif or area of the fabric and then pop the 2 mirror sides snug on the template and look, voila!


It is amazing what you can find using this mirror.
choose the motif on the fabric, place the template, it has 3/8" seam allowance from Paper Pieces.
mark the motif on the template with texta pen so that you can find this exact area in the fabric, you will need to cut at the exact spot 6 times. the 7th one is the centre. the texta pen marking can be wiped off using acetone, the nail polish remover.
pin the paper hexagon to the fabric
sew across diagonally with the knot of thread on the RIGHT side of the piece for easy removal later.
fold down the seam allowance and stitch all the way around.
completed paper pieced hexagon.

As you are cutting the hexagons, thread a needle with a quilting thread and place each stack of 7 fabrics on this thread and knot each lot of 7 pieces, you won't loose them then.
do the same with the paper pieced hexagons
to assemble the hexagons, you might want to try this.
sew the outer hexagons to the centre first so that you can make sure that they are attached the correct way, then stitch the rest, on the wrong side.

So, there it is, have fun, K